DRL Racer 2 Practice Session


Garage Flying and F40 Motors, Perfect Combination

The V1 T-Motor F40 motors didn’t do well and the V2s are on their way with bigger stators and thrust reports that give other top 2204 2300kv motors some competition. I’ve been abusing the V1 F40 motors in parking garages, honestly trying to break them because they are fat pigs. After dozens of crashes into the asphalt, cement pillars, and the garage ceiling, these motors refuse to quit. The bearings sound like junk, but they still spin smoothly and don’t create any jello or vibration in my gopro video. So, although I thought I disliked the V1 motors for their weight and low thrust performance, I fell in love with them for being unbreakable. Any other motor would have given up by now with a bent shaft, prop adapter, slipped magnet, or damaged bell. If the new TMotor F40 V2s keep the same durability and add more power, I’ll be flying them ASAP!