Drone Pilot Video Feed vs. GoPro Footage

What do drone pilots see while they are racing? It’s a low latency analog video signal. Typically the displays in our goggles are also low resolution and the pilot cameras only have 600 vertical lines of resolution. That’s far less than your 1080 or 4k TV at home! This video compares the HD GoPro footage to the feed that we see while flying. The GoPro is only used to make videos after we’re done with a flight.

This was also the maiden for the ShenDrones Pod Prototype. I decided to try the Kiss FC and Kiss 24A ESCs in this build. Although it was easy to setup and flew well, I prefer Multishot and 4khz mode on Betaflight. The Kiss FC with oneshot42 had more latency between my stick command and the motor’s response. However, if I were to compare the Kiss setup to my old Betaflight rigs with OneShot125, I would definitely go for Kiss. I’ll play more with the Kiss FC to tune rates, but that latency will never go away unless multishot is ported to the Kiss FC…pretty please Felix?


World Drone Prix, Last Minute Tuning and Practice

It’s been a crazy week getting ready for Dubai.

Saturday – Ordered Frames
Sunday – Drove from Orange County to San Francisco
Monday through Friday – Regular work week at Google
Tuesday – Built first 6″ frame until 2am
Wednesday – Build party, finished 4.5 drones
Thursday – Build party, tuning, LEDs, additional power regulators for all the different WDP requirements
Friday – rained out, couldn’t practice after work. Only test hovered a couple frames, no real maiden FPV flights.

Saturday – woke up at 6am to go fly before it rained again. I was lucky enough to get a couple hours in before it poured. Was just enough time to PID tune and practice with different props and weight. Here are the results! Feeling excited and confident as we head to Dubai =).

Lumenier Raceblade 5″ Maiden with 2khz Mode

I recently built a Raceblade 5″ and finally got a chance to test the frame and some of the newest Lumenier electronics on Betaflight 2.3.2 with 2khz mode enabled. I have to say, I’m impressed! The motors and ESCs are very smooth and deliver power quickly. Diving down through trees and pulling up at the bottom felt gradual, not jerky. This was also my first time testing 2khz mode so it’s possible other ESCs and motors are also smoothed out, but I have to say I think Lumenier has done a great job with their latest products. I can’t comment on motor durability since I haven’t crashed these yet, so I’ll updated this post later after I’ve given them a beating =)

Flight Controller: Dodo F3
ESCs: Lumenier 30A with 5a BEC built in (BEC not used on my setup)
Motors: Lumenier 2206 2350kv
Props: Gemfan 5045BN

Firmware: 2.3.2 Betaflight
Settings: Airmode and 2khz Mode Enabled (set gyro_lpf=off), baro and acc disabled
PIDs: 4.5, 0.02, 20
5.5, 0.02, 20
10, 0.050, 5