ShenDrones Mako 5″ Freestyle

I love how smooth the Mako is! It cuts through the air like butter =)


World Drone Prix, Last Minute Tuning and Practice

It’s been a crazy week getting ready for Dubai.

Saturday – Ordered Frames
Sunday – Drove from Orange County to San Francisco
Monday through Friday – Regular work week at Google
Tuesday – Built first 6″ frame until 2am
Wednesday – Build party, finished 4.5 drones
Thursday – Build party, tuning, LEDs, additional power regulators for all the different WDP requirements
Friday – rained out, couldn’t practice after work. Only test hovered a couple frames, no real maiden FPV flights.

Saturday – woke up at 6am to go fly before it rained again. I was lucky enough to get a couple hours in before it poured. Was just enough time to PID tune and practice with different props and weight. Here are the results! Feeling excited and confident as we head to Dubai =).

Catalyst Machineworks Speed Addict 210 Rocks

This was the gopro maiden for my super-low Speed Addict build. I used the short standoffs in the kit (1/2″ tall) for the top plate instead of the medium-height standoffs. Shoved the X4R under the dodo instead of strapping it on the back and put the VTX there as designed. Not enough height for the VTX and receiver to share the same location.

Gotta say, I’m blown away by the performance. Even with a gopro on top, the quad just goes where I want it to. This is one of the only times I’ve had a lunch racing session and didn’t break a single prop.

These Lumenier 2206-11 motors continue to amaze me. They are also showing me that SMC batteries are garbage. They sag more than my Bonkas and Tattus, which are similar in age or much older. I don’t like to bash products, but when something is over-hyped I feel it’s necessary to put the correct info out there. SMC = garbage, save your money and buy something else! If I have duds, I welcome SMC to send me some replacements to re-try.