Two Races, One Weekend // First 150 Lap Team Race

Last weekend, I competed in two California MultiGP races. It was fun, exhausting, dramatic, and I’d totally do it again.

The first was the year end race for the Sacramento chapter located at Gibson Ranch. The venue is amazing and they set up tracks similar to the Regional Finals track from 2016. It’s a long drive, but I always have a great time hanging out with the Sacramento crew and so it’s totally worth it! I competed with my AirVuz and Spektrum teammate, Colby. I won first place and Colby won 2nd, only a single point behind.

The second race was the “Treasure Island 200” team race hosted by the 415 MultiGP Chapter. Due to time constraints, the race was cut down to 150 laps, but that was still enough for one hour of the most enjoyable chaos I’ve ever seen. It was the most fun I’ve had racing in 2016. We had five teams racing head to head, non-stop for an hour. Pit stops were located 30-40 meters away from the pilot area and we powered up/down while others were in the air. I was concerned about this, but was mostly unaffected and never felt I was going to crash from someone else powering up while I was flying. We transmitted 200mW on FS2, FS4, FS7, E2, and E6.

During the race, my team alternated between pilot and pit stop positions. To my surprise, I enjoyed retrieving, placing, and straightening props under pressure for my team almost as much as I enjoyed flying. Running around a field of drones flying at 60MPH certainly gets the adrenaline pumping (not advised)!

Overall, my team’s strategy and execution was almost flawless and we won the race by completing all 150 laps in the shortest amount of time (1 hour and 3 minutes). Congrats to my teammates: Mewo, JFK, and Jrey.

Also, congratulations to the second and third place winning teams:

Team Baylands 2 – Snoke, TenFPV, RandomMoon, DV
Team Propsman – SFPV, LAZD, Charlie, ElliotSkiis, Hunter, and Fred

I want to put out a HUGE thank you to both MultiGP chapters for hosting these events. I know hosting a race is a ton of work and it’s greatly appreciated!


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