Freestyle Season – Ep 3, DVR

So all of my gopro rigs are busted for one reason or another…so here’s some DVR footage! The weightlessness without a GoPro is awesome, I wish I could freestyle and get HD footage without the mass.

I haven’t been freestyling as planned…turns out I simply can’t freestyle more than a few packs and really be into it. Racing is more compelling to me and gets me engaged with my friends. Freestyle was nice today after a long week and was a great way to de-stress, but I don’t always crave it.

I have been putting a lot of hours into the DRL Simulator. Damn you NytFury for ruining the leaderboard. Not cool man! I think the simulator is really helping me with stick control and picking better racing lines. I can feel more confidence and control whenever I get real flights in =)

Anyway, please enjoy this flight. It’s a ShenDrones prototype frame with the new Lumenier Axii antenna. Solid performance, even 100m away through some trees.


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