Freestyle Season Episode 2 – A Quickie

Work’s been pretty demanding over the past couple of months and it’s taken a toll on my mood lately…wah wah wah. My outlet after work used to be flying at the park until sunset. Unfortunately Mr. Sun has been lazy recently and isn’t working long hours anymore. COME ON MAN!

Lacking Helios’s cooperation, I finally tore myself away from the office at lunch today and flew a few packs at lunch. I’m being a good little drone pilot and am focusing on freestyle. Some buddies at Baylands setup an awesome track, but I only had time for a few freestyle runs and had to get back to the office.

The Kiss FC is super smooth and snappy, but maybe it’s the HQ 5040×3 props? I can’t even remember the last time I used these props on a Betaflight rig. I may try them out on a BF rig to see if I get similar results. I’m still messing with rates and find I don’t really like the “super expo” settings on any FC. I had it at 0.1 in this video with expo at 0.7. I cranked it up to 0.2 and didn’t really like how unpredictable the rates were above mid stick. I think I’ll lower back to 0.1 and try higher expo or lower deg/sec to get softer feel aroun center stick.

Watching this video, I think fast freestyle far away from the trees is kinda boring to watch. Next time I’ll try to slow things down, be more technical, and keep it tight to the trees. Sounds like I’ll probably break some props! And probably more rate tuning =)


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