Drone Racer vs. Freestyle Artist? Be both.

It is not enough to be a “pure racer” to win. Race directors are adding more complicated freestyle maneuvers to tracks and I need to develop my freestyle abilities in parallel to racing to succeed. As a new sport, it’s premature to say “this is racing” or “that isn’t racing.” Drone racing is still evolving in the early stages of infancy as a professional sport. I believe freestyle elements will become typical and a standard in drone racing.

As I realize this, I am dedicating more time to freestyle. I’ve even built an all Kiss mini-quad specifically for freestyle. I have to say, the kiss FC is the pickiest controller I’ve ever setup, but it performs well. The FC is sensitive to vibrations and I had to use HQ 5040×3 props to remove “gyro” jitters. No other prop worked and would shake the frame violently at min throttle and before takeoff. Even RaceKraft props in the same 5040×3 geometry shook violently. I will admit the unibody 3mm frame from the Mako isn’t the best structure to protect the FC from vibration. A 4mm frame or a non-unibody construction would be better. However, NONE of my other FCs have issues on this frame with any motor/prop combination. Something to consider if you are interested in a Kiss build, or are currently struggling with gyro jitters on yours. HQ prop explosions, here I come!

This is Episode 1 of my freestyle journey. I’m going to dedicate time to freestyle just like I have for racing practice. Where will I find time for both? I don’t know. I may have to pause racing practice so I can work on freestyle and then return to racing drills in the future.


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