World Drone Prix, Last Minute Tuning and Practice

It’s been a crazy week getting ready for Dubai.

Saturday – Ordered Frames
Sunday – Drove from Orange County to San Francisco
Monday through Friday – Regular work week at Google
Tuesday – Built first 6″ frame until 2am
Wednesday – Build party, finished 4.5 drones
Thursday – Build party, tuning, LEDs, additional power regulators for all the different WDP requirements
Friday – rained out, couldn’t practice after work. Only test hovered a couple frames, no real maiden FPV flights.

Saturday – woke up at 6am to go fly before it rained again. I was lucky enough to get a couple hours in before it poured. Was just enough time to PID tune and practice with different props and weight. Here are the results! Feeling excited and confident as we head to Dubai =).


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