Battery Killing Combo – 2206 2350kv Motors and 5050 Tri-Blades

Want to kill your batteries?! This is the motor and prop combination for you!With these motors and 5050 tri blades, you better have decent battery packs!! My old ones sag down to 15V in less than a minute. My newer Bonka 1300 4S are holding up well to the abuse, but also don’t last for more than 2 minutes. I think lower-pitched tri blades or even 5045BN props might be better for batteries.

I ordered a bunch of Gemfan 5050 tri blades a while back and got a couple bonus backs of DAL 5045 BN tri blades in the box. Turns out the props are unbreakable and just slowly vibrate more and more after countless crashes. Probably good for competitions where some forgiveness can help keep drones in the air, but bad for nice videos! I put these props aside for practice days, but won’t be using them again for freestyle videos. I found PIDs for either set of tri blades were the same.

I’ve recently tried a bunch of different motors and the Lumenier 2206 2350 are my favorite. They are smooth and have tons of power. They make flying a tight racetrack feel effortless. They are lighter than the XNova 2206 motors and feel much smoother in the air. XNovas may have more peak thrust, but are heavier and not as smooth in the air. The Emaxx 2205 red bottoms are nice, light, and have tons of power, but don’t have the same smoothness as the Lumenier 2206. I’ll likely sell off some of the motors I’ve tested recently and focus on two types of builds:

1) Lumenier 2206 for racing, freestyle, and gopro flying
2) Super light builds with 2204 Cobras, maybe on a 5″ x frame without any gopro.

I also love F40s for garage flying. They are the only motors that I’ve used that can take dozens of crashes into cement and keep running. To be fair, I haven’t abused any of the other new motors yet: Lumenier, XNova, or EMaxx red bottoms. I hear they are all durable, but I need more stick time to decide how durable they are for myself.


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