HQ 5x4x4 and Gemfan 5x5x3 Propeller Freestyle Comparison

I tested two different props at the Ranch last weekend. HQ’s new four bladed 5040s and Gemfan’s 5050 three bladed props. Both were smooth and balanced. The HQs have that high pitched scream, similar to their three bladed props. They also felt very snappy and smooth on the F40 v2 motors. Coming out of flips and rolls and handling quick altitude changes felt crisp and effortless.

In comparison, the Gemfan 5050 tri blades created a much lower pitched sound. I tested them on Lumenier 2206 2350kv motors. Testing on different motors isn’t great for a propeller comparison, but these props didn’t feel as smooth as the HQ’s for acro moves. I will probably spend more time PID tuning for the Gemfans. I also noticed the Gemfans had more bottom end torque. You can see after quick altitude changes, my quad almost “Jumps” when I really want it to climb smoothly. Probably something I could get used to with throttle control or throttle curve. Again, could also be caused by the larger motors.

Overall, both sets of propellers flew great! I think both are excellent choices.


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