Lumenier Raceblade 5″ Maiden with 2khz Mode

I recently built a Raceblade 5″ and finally got a chance to test the frame and some of the newest Lumenier electronics on Betaflight 2.3.2 with 2khz mode enabled. I have to say, I’m impressed! The motors and ESCs are very smooth and deliver power quickly. Diving down through trees and pulling up at the bottom felt gradual, not jerky. This was also my first time testing 2khz mode so it’s possible other ESCs and motors are also smoothed out, but I have to say I think Lumenier has done a great job with their latest products. I can’t comment on motor durability since I haven’t crashed these yet, so I’ll updated this post later after I’ve given them a beating =)

Flight Controller: Dodo F3
ESCs: Lumenier 30A with 5a BEC built in (BEC not used on my setup)
Motors: Lumenier 2206 2350kv
Props: Gemfan 5045BN

Firmware: 2.3.2 Betaflight
Settings: Airmode and 2khz Mode Enabled (set gyro_lpf=off), baro and acc disabled
PIDs: 4.5, 0.02, 20
5.5, 0.02, 20
10, 0.050, 5


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