The Shendrones Mixsuko 5″ Racing Quad

Frame design evolved quickly last year. At Drone Nationals 99% of the pilots were flying H-Quads. Most of them were 250mm, a few were optimized for 5″ propellers at 210mm, motor to motor. After Nationals, frame designers quickly started selling 210mm H-Quads such as the QAV210, Quadrevo Rage 210, SpaceOne 220, etc. While we all hoped this trend would last, we saw symmetric x-shaped frames at the field just as we were breaking in our new 210mm h-quads. This year, Shendrones is adding the 5″ Mixsuko x-frame to it’s product lineup.

The Mixsuko is a symmetric X frame, making it evenly balanced on the pitch and roll axes. The camera is located in the center so flips and rolls feel natural and snappy. PID tuning is also simplified since values on the pitch and roll axes can be identical. In comparison, an h-frame has a larger rotational movement of inertia on the pitch axis and needs higher pitch PID values.

The frame is a unibody; bottom plate and arms are all machined out of a single piece of carbon fiber. The design is elegant and still preserves structural integrity and protection for the flight controller and camera system. There are two sets of standoffs. An inner set which isolates the flight controller and PDB from any impact. The second outer set of standoffs raises the camera POD above the other electronics. This camera-pod structure takes impact, protecting everything else. I love the design.

I’ve been testing the Mixsuko 5″ for a few weeks and it is AWESOME. It dances around trees, accelerates instantly, and flies like a dream.

I wanted to capture HD footage on the Mixsuko and immediately designed and 3d printed a case to hold a GoPro on top. With the gopro it still flies really well, but I had to increase PIDs significantly to help control the extra 100g swinging around up top. Check out the videos below to see how she flies.

Settings without gopro
P: 3, 3, 10
I: 0.010, 0.010, 0.050
D: 30, 30, 10

Settings with gopro
P: 7, 7, 12
I: I: 0.010, 0.010, 0.050
D: 40, 40, 10

Here’s a video of the “settings without gopro” with a gopro on. It flew okay, but had a pendulum effect in turns. Not great for racing, so be sure to increased your PIDs if you’re putting a gopro on top.

Anyway I’m loving the frame and will be testing out different setups on it in 2016. I’m dying to get a set of 2206 Xnovas for it and some gemfan 5050 tri-blades!


6 thoughts on “The Shendrones Mixsuko 5″ Racing Quad

  1. Chris

    This is getting mistaken a lot. The Mitsuko is a 4in plus style quad. The MiXsuko is a 5in x style quad which is what this article is about. Just an FYI. I love shendrones frames!


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