Testing the New F40 T-Motors

I finally got a chance to test some of the new T-Motor F40 motors coming out this holiday season. They are very smooth and responsive with Gemfan 5045BN propellers. Great for practicing freestyle! I don’t freestyle enough and am going to publish more freestyle videos. This also means I’ll be designing more gopro mounts for different frames.

The F40s seem awesome so far for freestyle. I don’t notice their weight compared to other 2204 2300kv motors. I want to test them in a race against Nine.FPV and CCSJ when the rain stops. I think the weight might be noticeable there, but I hope I’ll be surprised.

I’ll update this post again after racing and crashing these motors. =) Happy holidays.

These motors are really durable. I flew in a parking garage yesterday afternoon and crashed several times into poles, the ground, and the cement ceiling. Similar crashes have dented bells, bent shafts, and jammed bearings on other motors. The t-motors were still rotating smoothly, just some noise from the bearings. Also, my gemfan 5×45 props were totally chewed up on the tips, but the motors still ran smoothly without jello in the video feed. Pretty awesome for heavy abuse!


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