BorisB Introduces AirMode

Have you guys tried Airmode yet?! If you haven’t, save your existing settings, download the latest betaflight 2.1.5 and put Airmode on a switch. It is awesome!

What does it do? Boris sprinkled some magic on the PID controller and your quad will be stable at all throttle positions in the air. This is most obvious while flying at min throttle, inverted, vertical, etc. Freestyle moves that used to wobble at min-throttle feel stable and precise.

How does the magic work? Simply put, the PID controller is allowed to spin the motors higher than min_throttle even when you have the throttle stick all the way down. This allows the quad to maintain attitude mid-air, to maintain stability. If you want the quad to stay upside down at min-throttle the motors will correct for wind, CG, wobble, etc. to keep the frame in the right orientation.

The tradeoff with Airmode is that the motors can spin up faster while the frame is sitting on the ground with the motors armed. It’s recommended to put Air Mode on a separate switch and arm it after takeoff. Just like a landing gear switch on a fixed wing.

Anyway, I tried it yesterday on one quad and immediately flashed it on all of them at the field. I was already using betaflight 2.1.3 with PID controller 1 and didn’t have to adjust my PID settings at all for 2.1.5.

Here are my PIDs in case you’d like to try on a similar setup.

P, I, D
pitch: 3, 15, 20
roll: 3, 15, 20
yaw: 10, 40, 10

Get out there and rip up the sky! Thank you Boris!


3 thoughts on “BorisB Introduces AirMode

  1. jason

    How do i know if its air mode is on will i get a red light like when i have auto level on or is there no light. also i run luxfloat and i have airmode on a switch and i also have motor stop on is that bad.

    THanks plz help


    1. Hey Jason, you definitely want the motors spinning when your throttle is all the way down. Do not use motor stop if you want to use airmode. I do not think there is an LED indicator for airmode, you need to verify your switch is working by checking the GUI before you fly.


      1. Jason

        Thanks I have been using it for a while now and look be it going to try out beta flight 2.2 soon. But thanks and I found out you can use air mode with motor stop on just have to not go to 0 percent throttle just go to %3 and you are good.


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