Aerial Sports League – Fall Classic Event in Sunnyvale

We hosted our second race event in Sunnyvale on 11/21, what a blast!  As usual, this was a free event open to the public.  Pilots, spectators, and media enjoyed drone racing, combat, and freestyle.  Sponsors were gracious and donated frames, bags, and t-shirts to the winners.  The event ran smoothly and we got great feedback about the event from the pilots.  I look forward to hosting bigger and better events in 2016!

My friend, Dennis, was kind enough to help program an online app to manage our event.  It was trial by fire for the new software and it worked!  We still have some bugs to iron out, but it’s a great start and will be even better for the next event.  Thank you, Dennis!  Results from the event can be found here:  Results in spreadsheet format can be found here, including freestyle.  We haven’t added freestyle results to the online app, yet.

Some personal thoughts…it’s really difficult to host an event this size and to simultaneously compete!  I was all over the place trying to answer questions and my performance suffered. I should have spent more time practicing leading up to the event, but was distracted by other things.  I consider smiles from fellow pilots my ultimate prize, but I’m a competitive person and also like to win =)

We received great feedback from the community about the event.  Generally, pilots were busy flying and got 5-7 races each throughout the day.  Not your typical “hurry up and wait” type of competition.  Pilots also gave us compliments for the the point system we used for qualifying races and semi-finals.  This allowed everyone to race multiple times and we even carried the top 20 pilots into semi-finals.  A couple improvements for next time:

  1. have two races per pilot for semifinals, fewer qualifying rounds (we had four qualifying rounds this time)
  2. more communication and clarity around the freestyle competition
  3. time permitting, more than 90s per freestyle run

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event, and a HUGE thank you to the sponsors!


3 thoughts on “Aerial Sports League – Fall Classic Event in Sunnyvale

  1. Zoe

    “Communication” wasn’t an issue with freestyle event IMO. The Freestyle event should be judged via FPV, like the races and other freestyle events(Drone Nationals, F3 Ecpo). All pilots should be judged against the same criteria, not subjectively- found out from a friend that after talking to judges they scored me against LOS 3D helicopters(which I wasn’t flying, nor was anyone else), scoring me differently than other pilots. And of course more than a single run is needed for it to be a competition(See F3)

    MultiGP has freestyle rules available- please implement them or ones like them 🙂


    1. Hi Zoe, thanks for your feedback. We’re definitely looking to improve the freestyle competition for the next event. As you know, this is only our second event and it’s the first time we’ve had a freestyle competition. Admittedly, our main focus for the event was racing and freestyle did not receive as much planning. We’ll do better next time and also try to include feedback from other events and the community.

      I do not think you were judged any differently than the other freestyle pilots. Everyone was subjectively judged by three pilots based on their performance. We could become more methodical about how to break down subjective scoring for technique, number of tricks, etc., but at the end of the day it’s all going to be subjective since each human judge is scoring on their own interpretation of a pilot’s performance. All of the freestyle pilots were judged the same way, so I think your friend must have been misinformed about your scoring.

      It would be nice if we could add more heats to freestyle, lead into semi-finals, and finals just like racing. However, our events are free and typically only last one day. F3 was a private event, had entry fees, and covered a few days at a rented venue. We need to be practical about how much time we have for public events, but will definitely consider this as an improvement for our next event. Ultimately, we may need to make a decision whether or not to host freestyle at all. If there isn’t enough time to host a proper freestyle competition, I’d prefer not do it all. We want everyone to enjoy their time at the event and hosting sub-par competitions isn’t good for anyone. Again, thanks for your feedback and I promise we’ll do better next time.


      1. Zoe

        Hai Kenneth! Thanks for taking the time to host this event and put up with my battery of words on the Freestyle event- I only talk about it to try and further the sport as a whole and to make future competitions the best they can possibly be!

        I trust my friends information- and I don’t think they were misinformed on how I was judged. Easy fix for future events is to have a breakdown in scoring like other freestyle events & competitions. I’d strongly urge there to be a breakdown in scoring as other competitions have done, or just make it a Freestyle Exhibition vs a Competition to set expectations accordingly.

        Freestyle as a sport is still so new, figures we’ll be working out the kinks on it for a while(to be expected!) As a community we’ll get it figured out- have faith in this brilliant minds out there to make it work. Again thanks for all your work on the Fall Classic, all said I had a lot of fun!


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