Event Announcement! ASL South Bay Fall Classic

The Aerial Sports League South Bay chapter is excited to announce its second event for this year – The Fall Classic! The event will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, November 21, 2015 (practice starts at 8:30 AM) and is open to racers and battlers alike. We’d love to see you there! If you’re unable to make it, however, the event will be streaming live thanks to the folks at AirVuz.

If you’re interested in racing, please note that spots are limited to 60 pilots. You can register at tiny.cc/enlist. All pilots will need to check in the day of the event in order to participate.

Important: Video Transmitter Power Limit – Baylands Park is a noisy RF environment. To provide the best FPV experience, we request pilots use no more than 200mW of power while transmitting on the 5.8ghz band. If pilots do not have the means to use 200mW or less, please inform us so we can plan appropriately and try assign you to a channel that is on the end of the 5.8 band. Ultimately, if you are stomping on other pilots and are using a 200+mW VTX we may ask you to sit out from racing. Thanks for your understanding.

Available frequencies: Fatshark 1, 4, 7 and Boscam E 4, 7. 1.2 and 2.4ghz are also OK. Please set your VTX before coming to the event and let us know what channel you are on when you check-in.

How the races will be judged: The Fall Classic will be using a point system for scoring instead of using a transponder/lap timing system. Pilots will always have points for participating in the races, even if they crash out at the beginning or at the end. Points will be reported and available in real time online. Further information to come.

Point System
Each pilot will fly a minimum of two qualifying races. The pilots with the most cumulative points from qualifying will move on to semifinals. Each race, pilots start off with 20 points.

Your position will dictate how many points you lose from the 20 points.
1st = 20
2nd = 18
3rd = 16
4th = 14
5th = 12

There is a -5 point penalty for crashing and not finishing a race. If you get back up from any crash, just continue with the race. Pilots must complete all obstacles. If an obstacle is missed the pilot must go back and complete it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment on the ASL South Bay Facebook group.


2 thoughts on “Event Announcement! ASL South Bay Fall Classic

  1. Grady Means

    I have a patent on a drone-based sporting goods/toy product and need a good engineer familiar with drones and RF controls to help me build a prototype. I thought that I might find the right engineer through your group. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.


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