My QAV250 Build

I decided to build a new 250 sized racer and received a 250QAV as a gift from my family. Thanks everyone! I’m attracted to this frame for it’s bottom PDB / ESC storage space. I used Charpu’s idea of mounting the Naze32 on top of the ESCs. This allows the battery to mount between the bottom and top plates. I manage to fit a 2200 4S pack in with the CG balanced just a tad to the rear. I’ve only tested on 5×4″ props, but the balanced CG creates much smoother rolling behavior in comparison to my other frames. I want this to become my primary racer, and am working on extending the arms to fit 6″ props.  The carbon fiber extensions from RCManchild are currently sold out, so I’m printing my own out of ABS.  At 5mm thick, the extensions are completely rigid.


  • Kiss 18A ESC
  • 200mW 32 Channel Boscam TX
  • QAV250 carbon fiber frame
  • Tiger 2204 2300kv motors, will switch to sunnysky 2207 2100kv or cobra 2208 2000kv after extending the arms
I tilted the motors forward 12 degrees using parts from thingiverse.  They assembled pretty well and I haven’t noticed any adverse flight behavior.

Build Tips

  • 6.5cm length for the LED power wires was not enough for me.  I suggest leaving 75mm of wire and then trimming to length after the PDB is mounted.  I had to add an extension after everything was already assembled.
  • You can mount a standard board camera with hot glue to the provided mounting bracket.  This allows you to tilt the camera up about 12-15 degrees.  Great for flying fast!

Update, here are my extensions mounted with Sunnysky 2207 2100kv motors and HQ 6×45 props.  The extensions are 6g each, 5mm thick ABS.  They’re rigid and fit great!

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