How to Setup a 19" TV for your FPV Base Station

I purchased an Insignia 19″ LCD from my local Best Buy, today. It was on sale for $100. I’m not sure how it will behave with static/blue screen and am expecting to have some issues on the edge of my video TX capability. Thankfully, I have RTH set up on all of my devices. Setting the TV up for FPV was pretty simple, the longest step was making a tripod mounting bracket.

Required Material

Insignia 19″ TV NS-19E310A13

– 5.5mm diameter DC plug

– Wireless video receiver (I’m using V2 of this one from readymaderc)

– 12V battery, I’m using a 5000mah 3S lipo pack

– Tripod, I’m using the heavy duty Bower tripod available here Fry’s

Wiring Steps

– provide power from your 12V battery to the 5.5mm DC jack plug. Center pin is positive.

– velcro your receiver to the back of the TV, wire video out from the receiver to video in on the TV

– provide power to the wireless receiver, you can split power from the same battery if you like

Mounting to Tripod

– I designed mounting bracket that screws into the 3″x3″ VESA hole pattern on the back of the TV. The bracket is compatible with the four M4 screws that come with the TV’s base.

– Bower says this is a “Universial” tripod mount, but I believe the square tripod adapter geometry has not been standardized. If you plan on using this with a non-Bower tripod, please compare your tripod adapter geometry for compatibility

– Bower tripod geometry: 32mm square at base, 38mm square on top. 8mm height between top and base.

– If you’re interested in a bracket, please email me. I will start selling them for $10, shipped to the USA via USPS.

– Bracket is compatible with other televisions that also use the 3″x3″ VESA hole pattern.


5 thoughts on “How to Setup a 19" TV for your FPV Base Station

  1. Hi Thomas, you just need a 5.5 diameter power plug and a wire. One end of the wire gets soldered onto the 5.5 diameter jack and the other end you attach your battery connector.

    Since these televisions take Direct Current, you don't need anything else! On a 5000maH 3S lipo, I get about two hours of runtime.


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