How to Set Up Manual Pitch Control in Position Mode on a Tarot Gimbal

This guide will help you setup manual pitch control, in position mode, on your Tarot 2-axis gimbal.

* Tarot Manual
* Download Tarot software to upgrade firmware:

1. Download and install the Tarot software on your PC
2. Upgrade firmware on the control board and motor board to 1.3 following instructions in their manual
3. In Tarot’s software, change the default RC pitch control from “rate” to “position” mode. After you do this, you will not be able to control the pitch or roll “home” positions using the Tarot software. When you are in position mode, the home positions can only be set by your transmitter. Alternatively, your home position can be set by the flight computer.

4a. If you want to control the home positions using your Naza controller, follow my video, below.
4b. If you want to control the home positions for pitch and roll using your radio transmitter, watch the video but route T and R directly to the signal pins on channels of your RX that you wish to use for pitch and roll. Route the ground pin from the Tarot to the ground pin on one of the RX channels.

General Tips
1. You do not need to send T and R through a flight computer. I am only suggesting it for people who have seven channels, or less.
2. Once you change the RC mode to “position” you will not be able to control the home positions for pitch and roll through Tarot’s software. This is normal.
3. The port for the tarot main board is on the side with more connectors. The motor controller connector is by itself, on the opposite side.
4. If you are using the gopro hero3 USB cable, it requires a 5V source. Do not send 12v to your hero3, it will not charge and will probably enter the dreaded hero3 frozen state.
5. Changes made in the Tarot software do not get saved to the board until you hit the “flash” button
6. When upgrading your firmware, the manual is pretty good. After you click the “upgrade firmware button” you need to turn on the Tarot Gimbal. The manual implies this, but is not totally clear. The UI will tell you that firmware is upgraded after a few seconds.


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